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The reason for an assessment is to ascertain past and current substance use patterns and to make recommendations for further prevention, intervention, counseling or treatment services when appropriate. You can rest assure we do not rely solely on testing instruments to define your recommendation. We provide a complete biopsychosocial evaluation that takes into account your unique, personal situation.


All evaluations are conducted by an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over twenty years in the substance abuse field. 

Recommendations are based on the DSM-V and ASAM Placement Criteria.


Substance Abuse Evaluations (SAE): An SAE is designed to determine if a person has a “problem” with drugs or alcohol. If a person does have a problem the evaluation determines how serious the problem is and recommends the appropriate level of care.

  • Multiple screening tools are used to determine what level of care the client needs.

  • The SAE will have clearly defined recommendations.

  • We guarantee a two day turnaround as long as we have all collateral information.

Domestic Violence Evaluation: Treatment begins with evaluation.  In the process of evaluating domestic violence offenders, we:

  • Determine if the client needs treatment or education using two different risk assessment tools.

  • Screen for mental health and social adjustment issues.

  • Obtain background information on the offense.

  • Do a quick drug and alcohol screen because of the high coincidence of drug and alcohol issues in domestic violence cases (80%)

  • Refer the client to the correct level of care based on our findings.

Mental Health Evaluation: Treatment begins with an evaluation. 

  • We use a wide range of evaluation tools to diagnose mental health disorders.

  • We can custom select the evaluation tools to meet the individual needs of the client.

  • We provide clear and concise recommendations and treatment planning guidelines.

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