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Substance abuse

All substance abuse programming is facilitated by a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years in the substance abuse field. Each session is structured to support clients in achieving an abstinent lifestyle. Medication assisted treatment is available.

Level I Outpatient Treatment:  Level I is a curriculum-based, one hour-a-week, group therapy program for substance abuse.

  • We offer multiple group times throughout the week

  • We offer small group sizes

  • Individual consultations are available

Level II.1 Intensive Outpatient (IOP): IOP is a more intensive, curriculum-based group therapy program calling for three hours a session, three times a week, comprehensive case management, and individual therapeutic appointments as appropriate.

  • We offer evening classes and small group sizes

  • Individual consultations are available

  • Women’s only groups are available

Aftercare: After the IOP phase of treatment is complete, IOP transitions into aftercare, which meets as a group one time per week. In aftercare persons served learn to maintain to maintain their recovery in the long-term. Aftercare typically lasts about three months. 

Marijuana Diversion: Marijuana Diversion class is designed for clients charged with first time marijuana offenses. This is an education class, not therapy, and is offered in conjunction with the District Attorney’s office as a plea bargain option.  Successful completion of this program will defer first time charges, and reduce time on probation.  The program is a 12-week, curriculum-based education course focused specifically on marijuana, its effects on the body, its potential as a substance of abuse or dependence, and its potential to contribute to the development of cross-addictions.

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